Divine Gold LLC

For over two decades, this Sierra Leone-based company, with its roots firmly planted in South Africa, has been a prominent player in the mining sector, particularly in the realm of gold extraction. Throughout its illustrious history, spanning twenty years of operation, the company has honed its expertise not only in the conventional yellow gold but also in the exquisite realms of white and rose gold. Their commitment to innovation has led them to explore diverse avenues, including the extraction of titanium, thus broadening their portfolio and solidifying their status as industry leaders. Embracing technological advancements while prioritizing environmental sustainability, this company exemplifies the harmonious coexistence between progress and ecological responsibility. Their journey underscores not only resilience but also a steadfast dedication to excellence in unlocking the Earth's precious treasures while ensuring the preservation of its delicate ecosystems. With each passing year, they continue to pave the way forward, guided by their unwavering principles and a vision for a prosperous and sustainable future in the mining industry.


Divine Infra

Divine Infra, a nine-year-old company nestled in the vibrant city of Surat, Gujarat, India, has become a cornerstone of the region's development landscape. Situated strategically in Surat and operating in prominent industrial hubs like Dahej and Jambusar, Divine Infra has left an indelible mark on the real estate sector. Their diverse portfolio encompasses residential, commercial, and farmhouses, catering to the multifaceted needs of their clientele. With a keen focus on quality and innovation, they strive to transform barren lands into vibrant communities, nurturing dreams into reality. Their presence resonates not only in the concrete structures they erect but also in the social fabric they weave, fostering inclusive growth and sustainable development. Divine Infra's commitment extends beyond mere construction; they aspire to create holistic environments where individuals flourish and communities thrive. With Surat as their nucleus, they radiate their influence across Gujarat, leaving a legacy of excellence and integrity in every project they undertake. As they continue to shape skylines and redefine urban living, Divine Infra remains steadfast in their mission to develop not just spaces, but lifestyles infused with beauty, functionality, and the essence of Gujarati culture.

Divine Export

With over a quarter-century of expertise in diamond manufacturing and export, Divine Export stands as a beacon of excellence in the heart of Surat, Gujarat, India. Renowned for its precision craftsmanship and commitment to quality, Divine Export has earned a stellar reputation in the global diamond industry. Specializing in both manufacturing and export, they seamlessly blend traditional artistry with cutting-edge technology to produce exquisite diamonds that captivate the world. Situated in the bustling city of Surat, Divine Export benefits from the rich heritage and skilled workforce of Gujarat's diamond hub, further enhancing its competitive edge. Beyond just business, Divine Export is a symbol of innovation and integrity, dedicated to fostering long-term partnerships and delivering unparalleled value to its clients worldwide. As pioneers in the industry, they continually push the boundaries of excellence, striving for perfection in every facet of their operations. With a firm commitment to sustainability and ethical practices, Divine Export not only enriches the diamond market but also contributes to the prosperity and well-being of the communities it serves.